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Online NEO PI R Psychological Test – Results in 72 hours

NEO PI R Psychological Test

The faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine require the completion of a psychological test, the NEO PI R (or NEO PI 3). The purpose of this test is to assess your personality through 5 facets (Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness). It is mandatory to apply for admission at most Romanian universities.

What does the NEO PI R personality test involve?

Completion of the NEO PI R test online with results in less than 72 hours.

Our company offers the opportunity to take this test online.

One of our associated psychologists will subsequently send you the test report via email within a maximum of 3 working days (usually within 24 hours).

Online Registration and Payment

Sign up and pay the test administration fees using a credit card or bank transfer.

Receiving the Link

We will email you a personalized link containing the psychological test in less than 12 hours..

Online Test Completion

The test is taken online. Please note that the test is timed (45 minutes). Therefore, it is important to answer all the questions in one go.

Results Delivery

One of our certified psychologists will analyze your test and send you the results within a maximum of 72 hours.

The fee for taking the test is
€130 VAT included..

You can request the test by clicking on the following link. Once the request is made and the payment is processed, you will receive a unique link to take the test.

Within a maximum of 3 business days after completing the test, you will receive the report via email.