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Installation assistance

Emigrating to a foreign country is not an easy task, especially when you are 20 years old, and that country is… Romania, a great unknown in Europe.

To make this stage easier and allow for a smoother departure, we offer an installation support solution. Our offer provides you with assistance in all the procedures for your installation: apartment search, administrative procedures, local contact on-site, and transportation to Romania.

We accompany you at every stage of your installation

Apartment Search

Before your arrival, we are here to find you an apartment. According to your criteria, we organize virtual visits with the help of our partner agencies. A team member is always present to facilitate the remote rental of your accommodation. The contract signing is done remotely, and each rental contract is sent to you with a legally translated version.

Arrival Organization

Once your apartment is ready, we organize your arrival by offering you the best possible routes at the best prices. We take care of receiving you at the airport in Romania.

Administrative Procedure Assistance

Upon arrival, several administrative procedures await you, such as university registration, residence permit application, and opening a bank account. Our representatives will assist you with all these formalities.

Available for Cluj-Napoca and Iasi!


The Installation Package in Detail

To best prepare for your arrival in Romania, the Installation Package includes:

  1. Deployment of a consultant in the city of your admission for one week.
  2. Apartment rental organization: selection of real estate listings and virtual remote visits. Remote signing of the rental contract.
  3. Creation of contracts for gas, electricity, internet, according to your needs.
  4. Apartment preparation: cleaning and purchase of necessary items (bedding, furniture, objects, etc.) as per your requests.
  5. Delivery of apartment keys upon your arrival in Romania or sending them to your address.
  6. Contact with already established students.
  7. Organization of your and your companions’ travel (flight booking, taxi, accommodation if there are layovers, etc.).
  8. Three consultations or teleconsultations with a clinical psychologist to prepare for departure and family separation.
  9. 20% discount on the “Assistance-Key” package during the first year.

They trusted us with their expatriation...